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My name is Martell Rogers. I believe that mistakes are a prerequisite to growth. I've made my fair share and I can honestly say that I've grown tremendously as a result.

It is very difficult to ask for help while in this position.  "Inmate" is mostly synonymous with pejorative rhetoric and is seldom met with understanding or objectivity. I understand why the stigma would exist. I've seen the mentalities that cause alarm within communities, however, that is not who I am.

It is important to understand that although I encourage all who relate to our cause to donate, it is not to minimize or reverse any consequences. It is to assist with obtaining any resources necessary to better shed light on the darker corners of our justice system. The corners where U.S. and State constitutional rights are overlooked due to factors that are not supported by the very laws set forth to protect the people from the courts' discretionary power.  (Take a look at my case... it's not uncommon in the Wisconsin justice system.)

I was taken to trial and convicted of a crime that was thrown out for lack of probable cause after the D.A. admitted that she had no evidence to support the charge. Later in the proceeding, the charge was reissued and I was taken to trial without probable cause finding. In every state in America, probable cause must be established before anyone can be taken to trial, including federal court. No probable cause finding means there is no belief that the person in question may have committed that particular crime and therefore it cannot be taken to trial. I was given 15 years for this charge consecutive to the charge to which I had admitted. That is illegal and unjustifiable.

A wrongful conviction is a wrongful conviction. Simply because I was convicted of another crime does not invalidate my right to protection under the law from erroneous convictions.

This is not about minimizing a sentence.  This is about right and wrong, humanity, and the consistent decline in the value of the lives of the people who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. It's about the consistent increase in the power of those we have trusted and elected to be objective and to do what is right regardless of their personal beliefs and opinions in accordance with the applicable law.

The link below will take you to a PayPal link that is managed by Ryan Atwood, Martell's god-brother, friend, and author of this site. Ryan uses 100% of this money to help Martell's cause (i.e. research, correspondence, and all things J4C oriented). 

None of the funds are used for Martell's personal items.

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